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The Primary School Curriculum

The Primary School Curriculum outlines what children learn in each subject, the approaches and methodologies used and how your child’s learning progresses from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. Castlebar ETNS has developed and will continue to adapt plans which outline how we use the curriculum in our school.

The Primary School Curriculum aims to:

  • develop each child’s potential to the full

  • encourage in children a love for learning

  • help them develop skills that they will use all their lives.

The Primary School Curriculum, from Junior Infants to Sixth Class, contains 11 subjects:

  1. English (Languages)

  2. Gaeilge (Languages)

  3. Mathematics

  4. History (Social, Environmental and Scientific Education)

  5. Geography (Social, Environmental and Scientific Education)

  6. Science (Social, Environmental and Scientific Education)

  7. Visual Arts ( Arts Education)

  8. Music (Arts Education)

  9. Drama (Arts Education)

  10. Physical Education

  11. Social, Personal and Health Education

  12. Religious/Ethical Education


Further information for parents is available from the NCCA here

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