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Help us raise money through...

Old Clothes
Cash for Clobber

Recycle your unwanted clothing and help raise money for our school. Cash for Clobber is a nationwide scheme, working with your local council to educate and encourage recycling, while raising funds for our school.

What can be recycled
  • All types of clothing

  • Bags & Shoes (please tie shoes together using laces)

  • Hats & Belts

  • Towels & Curtains

  • Bed Linen (sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers)

We do not accept duvets and pillows

How can I participate

Call in to the school and we will give you Cash for Clobber bags (roughly the size of an average bin liner.)

You fill them with your unwanted clothing items - each bag is designed to hold a minimum of 8Kg.

Once filled you can drop them back to the school and we will store them until a collection is organised.

Old Mobile Phones
Green your goods

Join our mobile phone and gadget re-use it appeal and help CETNS and the environment at the same time!.

We have joined forces with Green Your Goods, an Irish based company that leads the mobile and gadget recycling market nationwide.

We accept
  • Mobile phones

  • iPhones

  • iPods

  • Cameras

  • Games & consoles

  • DVDs & Blu-ray

  • Laptops

How can I participate

You can drop all your unwanted gadgets and phones in to the school and we will send them on for recycling.

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