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Home/School Association

Helen Mortimer from the National Parents Council held an information evening in the school recently. She outlined the benefits of having a Home/School Association and what the next steps are in establishing a committee. She explained that every parent in the school is automatically a member of this association.

An interm committee was elected. Chairperson: Nichole Morris, Treasurer: Priscilla Moore, Secretary: Maria Homan. These members will step down at next years A.G.M. which will be held in January 2019. The next steps will be to invite the N.P.C. to provide follow up training. They will go into more details about the role of each committee member, what items are suitable for the agenda and what items are not, how to organise events and lots of other useful information. 

The Home/School Association can be contacted directly by email

Contact details for National Parents Council

Tel: +353 1 887 4477

Monday - Tuesday 10am - 4pm
Wednesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Email :

National Parents Council Primary
12 Marlborough Court
Marlborough Street
Dublin 1

Tel: 01 887 4034
Fax: 01 887 4489

Training & Development Programme
Tel: 01 887 4475 / 01 887 4481

Email :

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