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Learn Together-Ethical Educational Curriculum

Ethical Education is taught in place of religious instruction in Educate Together primary schools.


The Ethical Education curriculum is called “Learn Together” and is divided up as follows:

  • Moral and Spiritual Development

  • Equality and Justice

  • Belief Systems

  • Ethics and the Environment


Ethical Education Curriculum Mission Statement:

To promote a philosophy of education in which no child is considered an outsider; which promotes the fullest development of ability irrespective of gender, class or stereotype and which encapsulates this ethos in a democratic partnership uniquely combining the involvement of parents with the professional role of teachers.


The Spiritual, Ethical curriculum supports and implements the guiding principles and ethos of the school by covering a wide range of religious, moral, social and ethical issues, with no specific emphasis in any one religion.


The knowledge and attitudes which the children derive from either their own religious or non-religious philosophies and beliefs are a significant resource which may be drawn on during spiritual, ethical curriculum classes.


Castlebar ETNS will have an assembly theme every two weeks that will reflect our area of learning as part of the Learn Together Curriculum. Religious Festivals will be taught where no one belief system is given more emphasis than any of the others.

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