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The Robinson Family



















This is the family, and some of their friends, who you will meet in our Oxford Reading Tree reading books.

This is Kipper, his real name is Christopher but when he was younger

he couldn’t say Christopher so he called himself Kipper instead!










This is Biff. Her real name is Barbara.

She is Chip’s twin and Kipper’s sister.



This is Chip. His real name is David.

He is Biff’s twin and Kipper’s big brother.










Here are Kipper, Biff and Chip’s Parents –

they are called Mum and Dad.











Mum  and  Dad


This is Floppy, he is the Robinson family dog.


This is Gran, she takes the children on lots of adventures.










This is Wilf and Wilma. They are Biff and Chip’s friends.

Wilf and Wilma are brother and sister.


Wilf and Wilma

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