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Board of Management

In the coming months we will be forming our new school Board of Management (BOM). The BOM manage the school on behalf of Educate Together and provide an appropriate education for each pupil. The Board acts in accordance with legislation and policy and upholds the ethos/characteristic spirit of the school. More detailed information can be found here:

Boards of Management - Further Information.

Our patron body (Educate Together) also provide training for new Boards.

Who will be on the Board of Management?

The following people will make up the members of Castlebar Educate Together’s Board of Management.

Schools with more than one teacher:

  • 2 direct nominees of the Patron

  • 2 parents of children enrolled in the school ( one mother, one father)

  • The Principal Teacher

  • One other teacher on the staff of the school, elected by vote of the teaching staff including the principal

  • 2 extra members proposed by the six above

All 8 members act as a unit together and individuals do not act as representing various groups within the Board. As with all Boards of Management the parents on the Board are “nominees” and not “representatives”.   The Board meets five or more times per year and any issues surrounding the management of the school are discussed.  Minutes from meetings (The Agreed Reports) are published in the entrance of the school and copies are available on request.

As we are a newly established school the Board of Management will be formed before the end of Term 3. Please do consider becoming involved in this way as it can be very rewarding. All you need is time, opinions, ideas and an interest in working collectively as management.  Elections for Parent Nominees will be held in due course.

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